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Areas Viewed: Grafton Village, Lagrange Village, Wellington Village, Grafton Township, Eaton Township, Lagrange Township

Personal Ad: $5.00 Per Week
$10.00 Per Week Picture Ad
Business Ad: $15.00 Per Week, $40.00 Per Month, $100 Per Quarter
Picture Ads — No Additional Charge For Business Ads
Non-Profit Organizations: Free 1st Week, $15.00 Each Additional Week
Note: Maximum 12-One Week Advertisements Per Year
Lost And Found Free 1st Week, $5.00 Each Additional Week
Note: No Charge For Picture Of Pet
Advanced Payment Required: Pay In Person, Over The Phone (With Credit Card), Or Send Payment With Advertisement To:
993 Commerce Drive, P.O. Box 67, Grafton, OH 44044
Make Checks Payable To GLW Broadband

More Characters: Small Print On Advertisement
Less Characters: Large Print On Advertisement
Fonts and Backgrounds Available