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Cable Vs. Satellite
There have been a lot of rumors and misconceptions going around about which is better, cable or satellite tv? The rumors go back and forth between providers from both sides. We would like to set some of these straight:
Myth 1. You get more channels with satellite than you do with cable.
The satellite companies have the ability to offer more channels than cable television but cannot because they normally include local and regional broadcast affiliates that are blocked in our market. You will not have access to channels from other markets. We can provide all the channels that they can plus MORE premium channels such as HBO & Cinemax.
Myth 2. All the local channels are available through the satellite companies.
The satellite companies have now added local broadcast networks but their coverage is limited to the top markets and major network affiliates (ABC, CBS, NBC, & FOX) that are found in those markets. PBS offered in satellite is a national feed of the network. We provide a local feed of PBS. Satellite companies also charge extra for local channels!
Myth 3. Satellite television is cheaper than cable television.
These comparisons almost NEVER include additional equipment needed to get the service on multiple televisons, something that is not needed with cable. Our subscribers receive access to the basic cable channels through all the cable outlets in their house.
Myth 4. Satellite television is easy to setup and install.
Satellite television is not easy to install in anyway. Unless of course you know where to bolt the satellite to your roof and where the best location is. Satellite dishes must be installed in a spot that provides the best access to the signal. Wires must also be run from the roof to the television and you must place the satellite receiver near a phone outlet. Our services are installed by professionals and are done at NO CHARGE! We will install any cable service for free.
Myth 5. Satellite has better picture quality.
Satellite television has the same picture quality as our service with the added interference from incliment weather, trees, or other objects blocking the signal. When problems occur, YOU have to fix the problem yourself or pay someone else to. With our service, we have technicians who can fix it with a simple phone call to our local office.
Myth 6. Satellite is a one stop source for almost everything.
The satellite providers normally offer one way service and often rely on other companies to provide extra services. We have all digital networks allowing our subscribers an all-in-one service providing all your entertainment services. We offer high speed Broadband Internet, IN-DEMAND PPV movies & special events, and High Definition Televison (HDTV).
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